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Corporate Internet

Skymax provides robust enterprise Internet Service which enables you to experience world class Internet usage on its high-speed and redundant backbone with unlimited downloads. A premium quality Internet Solution with speeds ranging from 1Mbps to STM1(155Mbps) that empowers you with superior connectivity but also ensures quicker decision making, therefore, allowing you to have a competitive edge over others. These products and packages are designed to suit your needs, in other words they are tailor-made for the purpose of meeting your business goals.

Our managed services provide day-to-day management of your infrastructure and operations to enable agility and scalability. We also provide you with technical expertise, service consistency, and flexibility across multiple vendors and technologies.

MPLS VPN delivers an efficient, scalable and reliable way of connecting together your sites in multiple locations and countries to provide a single fully managed WAN capability. The service is fully managed, thus removing the burden of equipment procurement and network implementation, as well as ongoing network management and operations.

Our fiber optic network provides blazing-fast Internet speeds. It’s the only one that delivers consistently fast speeds, 24/7, with no connection sharing and no slowdowns — whether you’re downloading or uploading.

We provide dedicated circuits that connect you permanently to the internet with a quality that is unparalled.

Our corporate internet can be used for:

Dedicated Internet Services Branch/Remote Office Connectivity POS Deployment Primary/Backup Link for E-branches, Cash Offices, SMEs M2M & IOT applications Remote CCTV application Smart meter connectivity