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Skymax Dataplans

Size Bandwidth Duration Price
80GB 16mbps 30Days ₦11,000
70GB 16mbps 30Days ₦8,500
100GB 20mbps 30Days ₦16,000
150GB 20mbps 30Days ₦25,000
Size Bandwidth Duration Price
250GB 20mbps 30Days ₦35,000
350GB 25mbps 30Days ₦60,000
650GB 30mbps 30Days ₦100,000
1000GB 36mbps 30Days ₦150,000

Download and Upload speeds are “up to” speeds.

Data usage is counted on downloads and uploads. Free Zone Browsing from 9:30PM to 6AM. Data used during the Free Zone Browsing is not deducted from the data allowance. Unused Data will roll over if you resubscribe to same plan before the expiration date.

Once the data allowance is exhausted or has expired, simply buy a new Data Plan of your choice.